it's time for you to get serious about walking in your purpose


Hey there. I'm Kerry. Everyday I help women strengthen their walk with Christ by teaching them how to live and grow in God’s grace.

I understand that your strengths, passions, and experiences are unique to you. This is because God has fearfully and wonderfully created you to be you. With that comes the awesome responsibility to 1) be aware of your calling and 2) be committed to accomplishing everything God has for you to do.

I'm here to walk beside you as you discover and commit to walking out your purpose. 

Even with a good job and great income,

Even as member of a good church with great programming and preaching, 

You could still find yourself experiencing the discontentment that comes from remaining stagnant.   

“As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.”
— Proverbs 27:17

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It seems like coaching is a hot topic everywhere except in the church. There is no end to nutritional coaches, fitness coaches, financial coaches, public speaking coaches...whatever you need, there's a coach for that.

I will help you bridge the disconnect between what you may have been taught and how to apply that knowledge to your unique circumstance. 

I am here to believe GOD with you.

Together, we will trust God to show Himself strong in your life, through His power, so you can fulfill your purpose.  

My 4-point approach to holistic growth is designed to guide you on your faith journey, and includes steps for improvement, stimulating your vision, and conquering your goals.

4-Point Growth Plan.png

1. Spiritual Growth 

I passionately believe in the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. That's the only way we can truly be changed. I will help you evaluate where you are in your spiritual walk and share effective ways to build your faith.

2. Personal Growth

As you pursue your purpose, I will show you how you can progress in your personal goals according to biblical principles. Together, we will map out a plan of action and measure progress toward objectives.

3. Relational growth

I understand that you're probably stretched to the max and being pulled in every direction. I will offer you tailored guidance and encouragement to help you navigate the many hats you wear and the roles you occupy as a woman of faith. 

4. Professional Growth

Sometimes we feel like we've reached a dead end in our career or we just need an extra boost of motivation. I've been there. I will teach you how to break your big professional goals down into manageable, actionable steps so you can reach your God-given potential in your career endeavors. 

unlEASH your Potential 

Contrary to popular belief, the ultimate #lifegoal is to fully embrace Christ's abundant life.

I help you tackle your situations head-on by asking you questions that will help you identify, evaluate, and clarify your values, decision-making, lifestyle, and boundaries so that you can purposefully strengthen your relationship with God, yourself, others, and your work. 

But this can only happen if you are willing to embrace change in your attitude, thinking, perception, and behavior. I'm here to help you take responsibility while you allow the Holy Spirit to usher in change.

Unmask unashamed

During our sessions, I will give you a listening ear and a supportive shoulder. In the same breath, I strongly believe that you cannot conquer what you are unwilling to confront. For that reason, some sessions might be tough. Because I take a results-oriented approach, I will never lie to you, but I will always correct you in love. 

I am committed to giving you honest feedback as we discuss secular issues from a biblical perspective. All of my teaching is centered on biblical truths and sound spiritual disciplines and I consider it a profound honor to specifically lift all my clients and their individual needs in fervent prayer.

My commitment to you is to always offer you accountability, encouragement, and honesty.

During our 4 weeks together, I will help you to: 

  • Deepen your confidence in God

  • Learn the tools needed to overcome your weaknesses

  • Develop the skills to build on your strengths

I am ready to help you now so you can thrive later

1 month personal coaching is $197 

  • Our 60-minute session will begin with prayer.

  • Next, using my 4-point approach, we'll discuss what's on your heart. The goal here is to pinpoint your challenges and I'll give you some feedback.

  • Watch your inbox, because within 3 days I'll send you your Growth Plan which details your specific 4-point plan of action.

  • Then, for the next 4 weeks I'll send you additional assignments and check-in with you by email so we can monitor your progress.

3 month personal coaching is $547  

6 month personal coaching is $1047   


ONCE YOU sign up: 

  1. At checkout, you will choose how you would prefer to have your session: via video or telephone.

  2. After checkout, you will receive a note from me with all the details about the personal coaching program.

  3. Next, you will schedule your session with me using the link provided. You will receive the call-in information a few days prior to our session.

  4. Before our call, you will need to answer some questions and give thought to some ideas.

  5. Once I receive all of your information I will prepare myself through prayer and be ready to answer any questions you might have.

Through the help of the Holy Spirit, I will help you identify and learn from your past spiritual, personal, relational, and professional experiences so you can avoid pitfalls down the road.

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